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Welcome to Medical Institute, Osh State University.
(MBBS/MD, Pediatric, Dentistry & others)

Medical Institute, Osh State University (Oshsu) is one of the oldest higher education institutions in Kyrgyzstan located in the south of the country. Nowadays the university is considered to be one of the leading universities in Southern Kyrgyzstan. It was established in 1951 on the basis of the Osh Pedagogical Institute. There were originally five faculties. In 1992, by the Presidential Decree the Institute was transformed into the Osh State University. Medical Institute, Osh State University is the largest educational institution in the country. The structure of the university includes three research institutes, 12 faculties, 93 departments, 27 educational, academic and international centres.

Medical Institute, Osh State University employs more than 1,500 teachers, among them – 1 corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences, Academy of KR and international academies, more than 120 professors, 300 associate professors and PhDs.

Currently, the Medical Institute, Osh State University enrols more than 7,000 students in 72 majors. 1259 of them are students from the United States, India Pakistan, Nepal, Turkey, Syria, Bangladesh, Korea, China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Osh MedicalTurkmenistan and other countries. Medical Institute, Osh State University has a powerful computer park, including more than 2,000 modern machines used in the learning process. Medical Institute, Osh State University participates in international programs and projects such as TEMPUS, USAID, ACCELS, DAAD, IREX, Soros-KYRGYZSTAN, INTAS, etc., which contribute to achieving high performance in the educational activities of the university. To ensure quality education students are provided services such as library science, which has a book collection, consisting of more than 1 million copies. A teaching service provides three central libraries and 20 reading rooms.

For recreation of students and teachers the university purchased recreation center on the shores of Issyk-Kul Lake and recreation area on the banks of the river Ak-Buura in Osh. To promote health and leisure of students functioning dispensary. Osh State University has 19 academic buildings, eight dormitories and hotels for foreign teachers. There are all necessary conditions for the effective implementation of the educational process and good rest of teachers, staff and students. Ministry of Education and Science issued Medical Institute, Osh State University AL License № 352 for the right to conduct educational activities.